Bag Lady Blues

Packing is a bloody pain. It is not one of the things I am good at.  one would have thought my skills would have improved by now, considering I’ve been doing the designer vagrant thing for the past few years.  Alas, it is not to be so.
I’m trying to achieve the minimalist packer aesthetic but I am a shameless hoarder of abjectly pointless things.
I’ve been trying this weekend to be brutal and throw away all the asolute un-necessities I have amassed in three years of living in babylon-don.  But it’s hard because so  many things have sentimental value.  Books, posters, postcards etc etc etc.
It would be easier if I could ship everything I own to one definite location.
But as of now I guess my spirit feels homeless.  I’m off to Zurich for a bit, then I’ll be off to Trinidad for a bit.  And at some point I’ll probably want to come back to London.  But my level of fedupcy at living out of a suitcase is growing daily. I want to do things like buy a lamp.  Own some cheesy unbreakable plates and cups.  An iron even.

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