How now, blue cow


So there I was, walking along Niederdorfstrasse and what do I see but a big blue cow over a restaurant.
The Swiss, I can now safely say, are a strange bunch of people.  In the nicest possible way do I mean that. The place has grown on me, to the extent that I didn’t even feel put out by the blue cow on the balcony.
What I didn’t appreciate was that the cow is over a restaurant that sells fondue and raclet.  These are cheesy dishes, that I think smell like week old toe jam.  I also mean this in the nicest possible way.  The bf got very defensive when I said the toe jam thing.  He says that’s his culture.  Well babes, hate to break it to ya, but your culture smells like unwashed feet!
Shite, should not have said that so close to bedtime.

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