To Bern and back


It’s been a rather hectic couple of days. Hectic but chilled.  We drove to Bern on Saturday and I was pleasantly surprised that I was really feeling the city. There was a big market, selling alongside the typically Swiss cheese, sausage and brot, an eclectic cross section of world food.  Big South American community.  It’s a much less uptight place than Zurich.  All the money’s made the Zurchers a little bit pretentious…
It was really nice to be on a crowded street with noise noise noise and people jamming in every direction.  that’s how a city should be.  It reminded me of Spitalfields, one of my favourite London Sunday markets.  I think if there’s anything I’ll miss about London, it would be the markets.  I had a short stint working at Spitalfields with a sistren of mine earlier this year and it was really wicked.  market people are the best and they come from all walks of life.
But I digress…Street performers, buskers, there was one band playing what I can only describe as gypsy jazz, a kind of unholy but uber cool communion of traditional Euro-Yiddish style – accordion, violin and I think a clarinet and then added to that  a djembe drum a saxophone and a bass guitar.  I think the dreads in the band were expecting me to come and buss some moves but I was ravenous and not feeling to oblige.
We also found this amazing record store, and when I say records, I mean vinyl..they had some beautiful rare Miles records.  I had a headache for a while but decided against splashing out with my pennies and after the power book surprise declined any offers from the bf to bolster my jazz collection.
We didn’t stick around Bern for too long sadly…headed back on the autobahn for home sweet home then down to the Langstrasse for dinner at Switzerland’s first Indian restaurant.  Food was okay, although I was pissed off that they didn’t have any peshwari naan and the sag aloo had less than no spinach.
My patience wore thin with the company…call me a snob if you must, but I can’t bear people who talk about fuck all for too long.  I think there’s something slightly unnatural about a complete lack of interest in what’s going on in the wider world.  But they were pleasant enough and I do like them as people.  But the next time I go out with them, maybe I can pass out some cards with suggested topics of discussion…