Yesterday I got bored of Facebook.

It’s been interesting watching the responses from close friends to I guess my rather sudden deactivation of my Facebook account.  People want to know if I’m ‘okay’. As if coming off Facebook is some kind of sign of possible madness, depression or some other crisis of social exclusion.

Truly, I’ve always kind of questioned my sanity but not enough to seek professional help.  I mean, who needs meds when there are mangoes and meggies, right?

Anyway, for an addict I seem to be coping really well. Haven’t broken out in sweats or anything and my primary thought all day has to my relief not revolved around creating a witty, thought-provoking status update.  I’m still on Twitter, but it’s never really consumed my life as much as the ole crackbook.

I don’t know what prompted me yesterday to deactivate, maybe it was the full moon, but much like when I stopped eating meat, it was a thought that entered my mind and once it did, I didn’t second guess it or wait for the doubt to set in.

It was a lot easier too, after a week and a half partial fast caused by the sudden and untimely demise of my hard drive.  After the initial distress, I woke up the next morning and started doing the gardening that I’d wanted to do since the beginning of the rainy season.  In the hour that I would ordinarily have spent fiddling around with my page, I managed to sort out my compost heap and chop my way through some weeds, and set up a bed of tomatoes, pigeon peas, and peppers.

I was stunned and quite frankly ashamed of myself to discover just how much time I could waste. Time that I could never regain.  Scary.

When I got my laptop back it was easy to fall back into the same old pattern. It’s easy when it’s your news feed, your grapevine, your companion, your measure of yourself, your propaganda.

But I find myself these days desperately wanting to break out of familiar patterns and my FB addiction is a rather good place to start.

I realise now that I’m writing this that FB encouraged me to write more in sound bites.  Which is not really the best thing if you’ve got a book to get out of your head and you have a woefully short attention span anyway.  Of course there was also the immense element of navel gazing, people macoing, how many times a day can you check one person’s profile-ing.  Luckily for me I get bored easily.  I guess yesterday was the day I got bored with Facebook.  It remains to be seen how long I can sustain the fast.  I now have no clue about friends birthdays, haven’t bothered to check the news and I also don’t have a clue about what is happening in Port of Spain anymore.  I guess if it’s important enough somebody will actually pick up the phone or something.  But for the most part I am enjoying not being caught up in the noise of other people’s lives.

8 thoughts on “Yesterday I got bored of Facebook.

  1. Oh I love it! “not being caught up in the noise of other people’s lives”

    Call me lucky, or plain lazy. For a very long time, I never got myself a Facebook profile or for that matter made my mark on any social networking site. Then, when everyone is talking about it, I realize I have no idea what the craze is. I enroll. I still didn’t quite get it. I’m an email guy. Communicative. Expressive. Poet of the mundane.

    Only now, after reading your post, did I get it.

    BTW, I’m not even a blogger, cause I’d get upset that nobody is reading what I’ve written – and if I wanted it to be private, I’d write it down in Word and store it safely.

    Thanks Trinadad. You enlightened me.

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  3. Great article =] It actually challenged my reality enough for me to consider deleting my facebook as well. But then I realised that Im a graphic designer and that would be a bad idea for me.

    It has inspired me to focus my time and energy into “REAL” things (like you did with your garden) I hope that I can keep this up and add it to a healthy lifestyle.

  4. I initially thought that facebook help people find friends. I now have more than 100 friends on facebook, but it really means nothing. I have about five real friends who I talk to, call up, and whose talks I take seriously. Facebook to me is more like sharing photos or getting people to contribute to posts that I don’t find any value of. I’ve found hundreds of photos on facebook posted by people who I believe are not good at taking pictures. I also like photos, but the ones I come across on facebook only makes me wonder if a sense of art is needed for those who wish to take photographs of anything. I sometimes wonder how many people who use facebook are shallow minded.

  5. thank god, someone out there doesn’t see what all the fuss is about on FB. i just joined after much prompting by almost everyone. and so after be-friending everyone in my family, friends and beyond. …so……no what? i’d rather read, make money,or play with my dogs, or……actually interact with people. FB N4M (not for me).

  6. What a great post. I have been getting ‘Facebook Fatigue’ as well. My last post was on January 1, 2012, wishing family and friends a happay new year. my church went on a fast and I chose to fast from FB. Since then, I have been very blase about going back on. Same ol’ stuff. Some using it to talk about how well their kids are doing. Others just randomly posting someone they saw weird in Dunkin Doughnuts. The older crowd just on it to see what others are posting. For some reason, it all seem boring. Maybe my attitude will change, but for now the thought of FB is exhausting.

  7. I came to your blog after googling bored of facebook. First is getting boring for me. Second it takes my time away. Today spend 2 hours I could use to finish my homework. Third I feel unmotivated to go back to my work as if I got hypnotized. The only good thing is that I can get connected to everybody I know and it reminds me of people’s birthdays. I used to post my pictures but then I got sick of sharing my private life although they say only your friends can see it I am not sure if that is true. My husband is a smart intellectual guy who has a facebook account just because he created one in college but he doesn’t even use it. his best friend had one but got rid of it completely as well. I feel like facebook is for dummies like me, I use facebook to see what my friends are doing after I moved away. My family is also miles away so is like fb helped me to see their pictures and all they are doing. Pretty much it eased my boring and lonely life until I can get a job or a life HAHAHAHA
    Thank you for your post!

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