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Attillah Springer is a Trinidad born writer, stickfighter in training and has been a flag woman for Phase 2 Pan Groove and 3 Canal’s Jouvay band. She also DJs under the name Tillah Willah.
She wrote a column covering a range of social, environmental and women’s issues for the Trinidad Guardian from 2002 – 2013
In London she has worked with the London Language and Literacy Unit’s programmes in migrant communities, empowering parents’ indigenous knowledge to engage their children with the English educational system. She also worked as a media volunteer with the Crossroads Women’s Centre run by Selma James wife of the late Trinidad born Pan African scholar CLR James.
Ms. Springer is an environmental activist and has organized events around industrialisation versus sustainability in rural Trinidad since 2005 using Carnival and other indigenous festival arts as forms of protest or awareness building. In July 2007 she represented local environmentalists at the Global Impacts of Heavy Industry Conference in Reyjavik, Iceland.
She remains an active part of the global movement to keep the lines of communication around environmental issues open across grassroots communities in South Africa, Iceland, India and Trinidad and Tobago and is a member of Foil Vedanta, a UK based campaign against Indian mining giant Vedanta plc.
As a journalist she has worked as producer/presenter and Head of News for Gayelle TV and as part of the Carnival coverage team for TV4.
She has also written for Caribbean Beat and Another Magazine, and has done commissioned pieces on Trinidad for critically acclaimed British artist Chris Ofili’s Tate Britain Retrospective and multimedia artist Zak Ove’s continued explorations of Afro Futurism in sculpture.
She is also a Director of Idakeda Group a collective of women in her family creating cultural interventions for social change especially among women and youth in socially vulnerable communities in Trinidad and Tobago and has worked extensively as a workshop facilitator and coordinator on a variety of projects.

4 thoughts on “Look Mih!

  1. Hi Attillah, My name is Andrea Baldwin. I am from Barbados, lived in Trinidad for a few years but now reside in the USA. I, along with three very fascinating young women (2 from Barbados and 1 from South Africa) are the founders of the blog Feminist Aliens. You can visit us at http://www.feministaliens.com and learn more about who we are, why we call ourselves feminist aliens (http://www.feministaliens.com/why-do-i-call-myself-a-feminist-alien/), about our philosophy and our vision.

    We saw your site and read up on you and we think that in a lot of ways we share similar passions and would love to interview you for our alien pick. If you are interested please respond to abaldwin@feministaliens.com. If not, keep up the good work and we would continue to keep following you on your journey.


  2. Tillah — I lost your number, and you dropped out of facebook, I need to ask you something so give me a shout — its Richard D

  3. Hi Attalliah,

    My name is Nelufar Hedayat and I’m a journalist working in London in the UK. I very much like to speak with you with regards to an article I’m writing I’d like to possibly quote you want some issues to do with women in the Caribbean.

    Can you get back to me?

    Best Nelufar

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