Saving the Claxton Bay Mangrove

One of the things I’m always pleased about is when I see communities taking action to bring attention to their concerns, not just the environmental ones.

So today I want to send a big shout out to the Claxton Bay crew whose protests have finally borne fruit with the EMA refusing to grant a Certificate of Environmental Clearance to Essar Steel to build a port.

Their work is far from over however, and they still want the support of the people of this country and the world to put an end to the destruction of our precious mangrove not to mention the introduction of this new gas-guzzling polluter into their community.

Check out their online petition here

Spin and Molasses

There’s a story in today’s Express talking about the increasingly putrid smell that’s been hanging over the Beetham on the Priority Bus Route for the past two weeks. I’ve noticed it for a while now and spoke about it in my column this weekend

“A statement from Angostura disclosed that on July 19, 5,833 cubic metres of molasses spilled when the base of a tank ruptured.”

I’m wondering if there was nothing else that could be done to alleviate the smell and also the other impacts reported by Beetham residents.

“Adam Ramdany, who lives directly opposite Fernandes Compound, said two weeks ago he noticed the substance and the pungent smells.

“That smell is so sickening now, I feel as if I could die smelling that thing,” he said.

Ramdany, who claimed that the waste might contain some harmful chemicals, said he recently engaged in some agricultural activities and all the plants dried up.

One youth, who called himself Charles, said he dug a trench and the water which came up was the same dark colour as the water in the drain.”

The story in today’s Express claims that Angostura has been successfully able to clean up the spill. Huh? The smell is enough to make you gag. And of course they’ve been dumping that effluent into those drains for years now, in addition to whatever else is being dumped into that water. And everybody knows what excellent waste water treatment plans we have for domestic effluent.

It’s taken weeks for Angostura to make a statement. I wonder if their factory was in a different neighbourhood if they would have waited so long to engage their spin cycle, not to talk about cleaning up that blasted mess.

And of course, where oh where is the EM firetrucking A?