Tillah Willah’s new Kemetic Yoga adventures

Went to my first Kemetic Yoga class on Saturday. It reminded me of why I love yoga: for the stories and the context as much as for the physical engagement.

We are so separated from intention in our daily lives. We seem to be existing in an unconscious way, going through motions without a lot of thought of how our actions impact on others but especially on ourselves.

Even with things like yoga we’ve separated it from its original purpose and made it part of this obscene and frivolous desire to get fit, lose weight. It’s part of the performance of modern life, I guess.

Anyway, I came away feeling energized and excited about learning more. Particularly because I’m a writer and I spend so much time in my head, it’s good to do things like yoga that allow me the opportunity to align my thoughts while challenging my body.

Looking forward to further explorations.