In a timing

So I was sitting there the other day wondering whither goeth my plans to take over the world, when I get a call.
It’s a dude called Kerry, a young publisher doing some positive things.
Next thing you know I’m in his office and I’m planning a national student newspaper to come on stream next month.
That was last week.
Then this week I get a call from Gayelle.  And next thing you know I’m sitting down planning to  do New Voices with Indira.  We go live from this Monday, September 11. That being a suspicious occasion, we’re going to be having what will no doubt be a hot discussion. Really looking forward to it!  Going to check out the fabulous Canals to provide me with some gear from their Revolution t-shirt series.
The world. Is mine.
(psychotic fits of laughter echo across the Northern Range)
I was talking to my sistren Binghi Nya about this very same thing last night.  We trod through some rough times in Babylon-don together, but good times, plenty good times!  She’s coming home to get married in October and we were just reflecting on the twists and turns our lives have taken in the past few months.  I can’t believe that a few short months ago I was ready to pack up and go back to Zurich, maybe learn German, have some babies and take up skiing.  Be in love and find my place in some other space and time.  I still look at pix of that time, me frolicking on the alps with the ex-bf who has, from all indications moved on from the indecisive dread girl with the funny accent.  I feel a few light years away from that place that was ‘us’ myself, although I suppose there is some part of my mind that wonders what could have been if I hadn’t come home when I did.  It’s a funny thing about relationships, someone always has to compromise and I wonder at how easy it was for me to willingly give up my home for one man.  I guess I’m still questioning the notion of love and how much of it is heart and how much of it is a power struggle.
The things I’ve experienced in the past six months, the transformations I’ve undergone and been a part of…I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  No coincidences here. What is to is must is. Everything right on time.  In a timing.  A rhythm of my own making.